Chandrasegaran Thangavelu

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
- Nikola Tesla



About Me

Creative Doer | Researcher | Innovator | Engineer

‘Energy’ exists in thoughts, memories, dreams and plays a significant role in every single life, be it smallest species amoeba proteus to six sensed homo sapiens.

I pursued my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and turned into a computer programmer by gaining professional experience in C, Java and DBMS from an eminent IT firm. However the curiosity in investigating energy kindled my passion to obtain master degree in my academic backdrop as ENERGY ENGINEER.

During my master studies I firmly believed I could make some difference and enable with Engine enhancement, Few events cleared my sense of awareness and thoughts to pursue my dreams about enhancing Internal Combustion engine (ICE). I became a voracious reader, designer, developer and researcher with an objective to change the current Automotive industry by improving the Engine power and lower the emission associated with it. In this motive the fabrication of Novel engine head and associated components of the engine system has been designed and developed to implement in a real world, with the scope for a better performance in future internal combustion engine, for that I explored from Ingot to end product and also gained expertised in Electronics by coupling Engine-Microcontroller-Java for an Engine Telemetry, to analyse the Engine data for test purpose. In addition to that I have a granted patent in Renewable application.

I am interested and expertised in Ideation, Mathematical Modelling and Prototyping. My goal is to turn all the creative mathematical models to ‘Scale up’ in the real world applicable end product, offer my customers high reliability, short wait periods and competitive costs for all regions and classes of people. In this motive I am currently functioning as an R&D Engineer and a partner in a firm. As a part of a vision, a mathematical model has been developed to estimate the engine configuration based on the power requirement.

Hobbies & Interests



January 2019 - Till date

R&D Engineer & Partner (Engines)

RJS Technology, Coimbatore, India

Highlights: • Engine-Dynamic Analysis • Engine Development • Engine components Design& Development • Fabrication • Pattern/Casting • CNC-Machine Code/Machining • Hybrid/EV-Design Estimation

1. Developed an innovative Engine Cycle, designed novel Engine head with nozzle and fabricated the associated engine components to enhance the overall efficiency of the engine system.
2. Created a mathematical model to estimate the power output/geometrical configuration of an IC engine and achieved 97.4% reliable result relative to empirical.
3. Executing Engine PV-Plot (in ‘Scilab’) and couple the same with Dynamic analysis of Slider Crank Mechanism to estimate Gas Torque to design Engine along with flywheel.
4. Designed and Fabricated unique Cam methodology for the novel Engine head with nozzle.
5. Formulated innovative Engine cycle in the view to improve the Engine performance.
6. Looking for a Scope to couple the novel-Engine for Hybrid Power train application.
7. Hands on experience in building and dismantling of single cylinder diesel engine.

Volunteer Experience

Liaison, Technical Committee-Airframe Control Bearing

SAE International

Highlights: • Voluntary role, in Rolling Element Bearing Subcommittee to review Standard documents.


Technical Skills

Programming: Python, C, Java, Oracle 10g, FORTRAN 95

Programming Tools: Netbeans, Toad, Spyder, Arduino IDE

Numerical Computing: Scilab, MATLAB

Office Tool: MS/Libre – Office

Simulation Tool: GASDYN/GASDYN PRE, Open Foam

Visualization Tool: Para view

Core Competence

Mathematical Modelling
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Engine Combustion, Kinematic and Dynamic analysis
Engine Development

Soft Skills

Self-motivation Decision making Communication Problem Solving Self-management Continuous Learning






Past Experiences

January 2018–December 2018

Highlights: • Engine-Data Acquisition • Serial Communication • Sensor Application • Sensor Algorithm • CAN/LIN Protocol • Engine-Microcontroller-Java Interface • Java GUI Development • Data Analysis & fetching in .CSV format • Dynamic Graph plot UI
1. Theoretical Engine Work done is compared with Empirical Sensor value, Data fetching from engine is done by JAVA-ARDUINO serial communication using 'ATmega328' MicroController.
2. Hands on Experience in Sensors application, such as Pressure Sensor, Thermocouple etc.
3. Implemented Van't-Hoff equilibrium to analyse the Diesel combustion and composition of Exhaust, the same is being compared with MQ-Gas Sensor values.

Oct 2016 - Dec 2017
Politecnico Di Milano • Milano • Italy

Highlights: • Investigating Truck (Heavy Duty-Turbocharged) • Engine Numerical Modelling • 1D Simulation • Engine Emission Analysis • EGR System Design • Engine Performance Assessment • EGR Control Evaluation
1. Investigated and Modelled Heavy Duty Diesel Engine for truck transportation in 1D-Thermo-fluid dynamic simulation using Gasdyn.
2. Performance And Emission analysis was carried out for the targeted RPM band with different load condition.
3. Estimating engine characteristics for the Increased engine volume and by varying EGR throttle control.
4. Gained Knowledge in combustion chemistry.

Jun 2013 - Sep 2014

Highlights: • Nozzle Flow estimation • Investigating sonic/supersonic regimes • Nozzle/Diffuser Design • Exploring Wave interference
1. Gained Knowledge in Nozzle/Diffuser flow
2. Expertise in designing nozzle for the required flow pattern
3. Formulated hypothesis related to amplitude in a wave propagation

Feb 2011 - June 2013
Cognizant Technology Solution • Cnennai • India

Highlights: • Developer(Java/Oracle) • Functional Testing • Technical Support • Autosys job Scheduling • Handled protocols (FTP/S-FTP)
1. Developer in oracle database and provided technical support to the clients.
2. Hands on Experience in Autosys job scheduling and knowledge in Front end (JAVA).


October 2014–December 2017

Masters in Energy Engineering

Politecnico Di Milano • Milano • Italy

Highlights: • Internal Combustion Engines • Advanced Thermodynamics and Thermoeconomics • Energy Conversion • Chemical Process and Technologies • Electric power systems • Corrosion and Material Protection • Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Engineering • Engineering of Solar Thermal Processes • Heat and mass transfer • Energy Economics • Power production from renewable energy

August 2006 – April 2010

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Anna University-Affiliated • India

Highlights: • Automotive Engineering • Fluid mechanics • Engineering Thermodynamics • Dynamic of machinery • Design of machine elements • Electric drives and control • Electronics & Microprocessor • Computer programming • Computer aided manufacturing • Manufacturing Technologies • Unconventional Machining process


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